Hand-Inverted C41

All of our Colour Negatives are inverted by hand, ensuring that no details are clipped. Take a look at our process below.

Nicola Step 1.jpg

Step 1

Original Image is opened.

Nicola Step 2.jpg

Step 2

Image is inverted.

Nicola Step 3.jpg

Step 3

Using a curves layer, endpoints are set for each channel of the film, making sure there is no clipping. At this stage, if there are any obvious color casts, they are removed. Because the curves adjustment is very coarse, this will be continued in the next step.

Nicola Step 4.jpg

Step 4

Using a levels adjustment, the gamma is set, as well as removing any colour casts that still remain.


Step 5

The image is finalized with an additional curves layer, correcting the contrast of the image.