How We Get Accurate Colour for Scanning

Anybody who has ever tried to scan film knows how hard it can be to get accurate colour in you film scans. You can be sure our scans will hold true to the colour of your original because of the advanced colour calibration methods we use.

Hutch 6x6 500 DPI RGB 2018 09 30 Dust Spotted Raw.jpg

HutchColor 67 Profiling Target

This 6x7 scanning target on Fuji Velvia encompasses the outer limits of the colours that can be contained within your film. It is scanned and compared to a reference file, correcting the colours of the scanner to be as accurate as possible.


basICColor Input

This software creates the profile of the scanned target, comparing the reference files colours to the scanned target’s. This enables us to provide the most accurate colour possible in our scans.

Hutch Finished.jpg

Corrected Color Target

The profile created is applied to the scanned image, correcting the colours. If you compare this image to the original target scan above, you can see the difference, especially in the saturated magentas and cyans (important for scanning colour negatives).

Corrected vs Uncorrected Scan

Below you can see the difference between using our scanner with and without the colour correction provided from the profile.

Uncorrected Raw Scan - No Profile Applied

Corrected Raw Scan - Scanner Profile Applied